Medical Debt Negotiation

It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive and often unfairly so. Even the most minor necessary medical procedures like appendectomies can result in staggering healthcare costs that push six figures.

An unexpected medical cost can throw off entire retirement plans and turn lives upside down for the average working-class person. If you have incurred excessive medical debt, our team at Murray & Associates can negotiate the bill on your behalf and potentially reduce your payments.

How Can I Lower My Medical Expenses?

The most surefire method of lowering medical debt is by contacting an experienced attorney to handle the negotiation on your behalf. However, there are steps you can take to prevent being over-billed.

Itemized Bill

Requesting an itemized bill will allow you to review all the charges to make sure they are correct. Errors in medical billing are quite common, and several studies have demonstrated that as many as 25% of charges on medical bills are not actually billable.

Request a Lower Bill

If you don’t have insurance or your procedure was not covered by your existing plan, you might be facing extremely high fees. Most people are not in a financial situation that allows them to make tens of thousands of dollars worth of payments comfortably. If this is your case, make sure you ask for a reduction on your bill; many times, medical providers are willing to accommodate.

Discuss a Payment Plan

If you’ve managed to get your bill to a manageable amount, try to create a payment plan that works for your budget. Make sure you can make the monthly payments without falling behind in other areas of your personal finances.

How Can an Attorney Help with My Medical Debt Negotiation?

When you enlist the help of our law firm, you gain access to our vast resources and years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and hospitals. We can rely on a network of professionals and know exactly which avenues to explore to secure significant reductions on your bills. Negotiating with hospitals and insurance companies can be tedious and take months; we do the leg work, so you don’t have to.

Are You Looking for Legal Aid in a Medical Debt Negotiation?

Don’t face mounting medical bills alone! Let Murray & Associates represent you in the battle against medical debt. Get in touch with our office today to request a consultation!

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