Roof Damage

Roof repairs are without a doubt one of the most expensive undertakings for a homeowner. Sometimes even something that seems like minor damage could create flaws in the structure that lead to more extensive harm over time. Even when your insurance company doesn't have your back, the team at Murray & Associates is always here to help with your roof damage claims.

Common Types of Roof Damage

Damage to your roof can be insidious. Even if there are no apparent signs of harm or decay, minor flaws can give way to deterioration over time. This is especially true if you recently purchased an older home, as some inspectors might not identify structural issues.

Roof damage can look like the following:


Small cracks and loose tiles or shingles create openings for water to enter the more vulnerable parts of your roof. When moisture accumulates, it can lead to mold and rot, which weakens your roof. Moisture also creates hospitable conditions for several pests.

Holes and Cracks

A wide range of conditions can cause holes and cracks on your roof. This type of damage can emerge during installation because of a careless step by a contractor or debris carried by the wind. If not adequately addressed, holes and cracks can widen and lead to more severe damage.


Structural damage occurs when your roof's foundation – the support beams that sustain the exterior structure – begins to move and fail. These can result in serious problems during a storm and could require that your entire roof be replaced.

Broken Roof Tiles or Shingles

Many of the materials used for roof construction are not made to last forever. As the underlying adhesives and cements dry or tear away, strong gusts of wind can easily tear away at shingles, leaving sensitive parts of your roof exposed to further damage.

Do You Have Roof Damage in Your Florida Home?

The team at Murray & Associates is here to provide solutions for your roof damage woes. Get in touch today to learn more about your options!

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